We're a consultancy company where every member is an expert in their field.

We love moving data everywhere for the connected world. We create APIs and connect anything that needs data with awesome integrations.

We're architects, developers and everything in between. Let us know how we can be of assistance.


Freedom through friendship

Even though we are unique in our own ways – we are united by a dream so vividly strong. The dream about freedom. Freedom to be and do what we want. Enabled by friendship.

With admiration, curiosity and love we challenge one another from our different point of views. Because, it is when we discuss – we learn and get even closer. And together we become a solid unit that flies through life in a beautiful and free Fourmation. Ready to solve, any challenge.

Solvers by birth

We love solving problems, bugs and headaches. We are forward leaning solvers, that share every discovery and insight. With each other, with customers.

By looking at the bigger picture we do our best in order to understand the complexity. Together we find a way to execute even better than expected.

Proud nerds

With curiosity about life and its obscurities we might seem as a slightly nerdy gang. Perhaps it is because we love to dig really deep down in to different and often wildly spread topics.

That is what true nerdiness is all about, right?

And we are proud ones, equipped with an eagle-eye for details and eagerness to share what we know - with everyone.

Word keepers, trust seekers

Trust is everything and we cherish every adventure as we take on both new as already known challenges.

Regardless the task, we stand by our word and deliver upon our promises.

More than Fourmation

Life is the most exciting adventure of them all, and we fly through it together. Through thick and thin. Through the week, projects and game nights.

We are family. Longing to grow in numbers.

The Creatives
Behind Fourmation

We're consultants, ready to bring our specialities and personalities to your project & company

We've been lead architects & engineers for many of the largest integration & software projects in Sweden and we have a combined experience in the field of over 50 years. We pride ourselves on being really good at what we do.